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Trivial comes from a Latin word meaning "crossroads"—that is, where three roads come together. Since a crossroads is a very public place where all kinds of people might show up, trivialis came to mean "commonplace" or "vulgar". Today the English word has changed slightly in meaning and instead usually describes something barely worth mentioning.
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Word History: The word trivial entered Middle English with senses quite different from its most common contemporary ones. We find in a work from 1432-50 mention of the "arte trivialle," an allusion to the three liberal arts that made up the trivium, the lower division of the seven liberal arts taught in medieval universities—grammar, rhetoric, and logic.
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Trivial definition, of very little importance or value; insignificant: Don't bother me with trivial matters. See more.
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Trivial (French: La disparue de Deauville) is a 2007 French crime drama film directed by Sophie Marceau and starring Christopher Lambert, Sophie Marceau, and Nicolas Briançon.Written by Marceau, Gianguido Spinelli, and Jacques Deschamps, the film is about a police inspector, struggling with depression following his wife's death, who investigates a suspicious missing person's case at the ...
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