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wiki:custom_buttons - jqGrid Wiki - jQuery
Custom Buttons are a way to define your own button and action in the pager.
jquery - Add data on the client side to Jqgrid - Stack ...
This sentence comes directly from the jqGrid documentation: "A array that store the local data passed to the grid. You can directly point to this variable in case you want to load a array data.
PHP Grid Framework Docs
Introduction Introduction Overview. PHP Grid Framework is a RAD tool that enables development of PHP based project far more faster. Grid component itself contain a CRUD (create,read,update,delete) function which reduce the repeated work load.
wiki:options - jqGrid Wiki -
The setup and configuration of jqGrid are controlled by setting options for the grid. Examples of configuration settings include the height and width of the grid, type of data that should be in each column, and other similar settings.
phpGrid Documentation & API Guide
Complete phpGrid step-by-step, easy-to-follow online technical documentation from start to finish for both novice and professional PHP developers.