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Then | Definition of Then by Merriam-Webster
Then definition is - at that time. How to use then in a sentence.
Then | Definition of Then at
Then definition, at that time: Prices were lower then. See more.
Then - definition of then by The Free Dictionary
then at that time: He’ll be home then.; soon afterward: Then we’ll have dinner.; next in order Not to be confused with: than – used after comparative words such as other: She is prettier than her sister. then (thĕn) adv. 1. At that time: I was still in school then. Come at noon; I'll be ready then. 2. Next in time, space, or order; immediately ...
Then vs. Than | Merriam-Webster
Then indicates time. It is used as an adverb, "I lived in Idaho then," noun, "we'll have to wait until then," and adjective, "the then governor." There's nothing more embarrassing then correcting someone's language only to realize that your correction contains its own error. Like maybe the one in our first sentence.
Then - English Grammar Today - Cambridge Dictionary
Then as an adverb has a number of different meanings. Then meaning ‘at that time’ We can use then to mean ‘at that time’, referring either to the past or the future. In this case, it is usually at the end of the clause:
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Then and than are homophones that sound alike but have different meanings. Then can function as an adjective, adverb, or noun. Then indicates time or consequence, as in the following examples: Bagels were cheaper back then.
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Than vs. Then: How to Choose the Right Word
The adverb "then" means at that time, in that case, or next, as in: "He laughed and 'then' he cried." This use of "then" orders events in terms of time. A similar use of "then" when placing events in order might be, "I first went to the store, and 'then' I got gas."