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Symbolize | Definition of Symbolize by Merriam-Webster
Recent Examples on the Web. Underneath its branches are six animals, each symbolizing a different ideal: an owl for wisdom, a dove for peace, a horse for wisdom, a deer for gentleness, a peacock for beauty, a mouse for curiosity. — Elise Taylor, Vogue, "See Diane von Furstenberg’s Seriously Chic London Christmas Tree," 27 Nov. 2018 For those who need a little refresher, royal family orders ...
Rose color Meanings - Meaning of Rose Colors
The symbolism of rose colors is steeped in tradition. Roses inspired people over thousands of years to develop a language of color. When you choose a color, variety or number of roses for someone, you are personalizing your gift with deeper sentiment.
Color Wheel Pro: Color Meaning
Color Meaning Red. Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.
Symbolism | Define Symbolism at
the principles and practice of symbolists in art or literature. (initial capital letter) a movement of the late 19th century in French art and literature.Compare symbolist (defs 3b, 4b).; the use of any of certain special figures or marks of identification to signify a religious message or divine being, as the cross for Christ and the Christian faith.
Christian symbolism - Wikipedia
Christian symbolism is the use of symbols, including archetypes, acts, artwork or events, by Christianity.It invests objects or actions with an inner meaning expressing Christian ideas. The symbolism of the early Church was characterized by being understood by initiates only, while after the legalization of Christianity in the 4th-century more recognizable symbols entered in use.
Different Color Roses Symbolize, Color Roses Meaning
Different color roses symbolize and stand for different meanings, sentiments and expressions of someones feelings and thoughts.. Color roses meaning, or the meaning of different color roses, comes into play when someone wants to give the gift of a rose or a rose bouquet.. So before you buy any roses for gifts, it makes sense to find out the meaning of color of roses and what each color meaning ...
69 Emoji Combinations That Symbolize Sexual Acts
69 Emoji Combinations That Symbolize Sexual Acts. Some things don't need words to be said.
Traditional Housewarming Gifts (And What They Symbolize ...
Here are a handful of items that are traditionally given to new homeowners with each holding their own special meaning. I’ve done some research and some say they are rooted in Jewish custom, others say Italian, German, Russian.
Chinese Dragons - Crystalinks Home Page
Chinese Dragons. The symbol of the dragon represents spiraling DNA, the path to greater enlightenment.. The Celestial Chinese Dragon is comparable as the symbol of the Chinese race itself. Chinese around the world, proudly proclaim themselves "Lung Tik Chuan Ren" (Descendents of the Dragon).
What the Twelve Tribes of Israel and the Tabernacle Really ...
Unbeknownst to most casual readers of the Bible, this is all symbolism for the brain. The twelve tribes of Israel represent the twelve cranial nerves.