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Stunt definition, to stop, slow down, or hinder the growth or development of; dwarf: A harsh climate stunted the trees. Brutal treatment in childhood stunted his personality. See more.
Stunt - definition of stunt by The Free Dictionary
stunt 1 (stŭnt) tr.v. stunt·ed, stunt·ing, stunts To check the growth or development of. n. 1. One that stunts. 2. One that is stunted. 3. A plant disease that causes dwarfing. [From Middle English stunnt, foolish, short-witted, short (influenced by Old Norse stuttr, short, dwarfish), from Old English stunt.] stunt′ed·ness n. stunt 2 (stŭnt) n. 1 ...
Stunt | Definition of Stunt by Merriam-Webster
First Known Use of stunt. Verb (1) 1583, in the meaning defined above. Noun (1) 1725, in the meaning defined at sense 1. Noun (2) 1878, in the meaning defined at sense 1. Verb (2)
Urban Dictionary: stunt
Stunt (v)- as a verb stunt means to show off ones bling, expensive cars, cloths and ect. aka floss as in the G-unit song stunt 101 Stunt (n)- as a noun a stunt means a loose women who is often refered to as a hoe or bitch, this word is not to be counfused with the word stunna which has a completly different meaning
STUNT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
stunt definition: 1. an exciting action, usually in a film, that is dangerous or appears dangerous and usually needs to be done by someone skilled: 2. something that is done to get attention for the person or people responsible for it: 3. to prevent the growth or development of something from…. Learn more.
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A stunt is an unusual and difficult physical feat or an act requiring a special skill, performed for artistic purposes usually on television, theatre, or cinema.Stunts are a feature of many action films.Before computer generated imagery special effects, these effects were limited to the use of models, false perspective and other in-camera effects, unless the creator could find someone willing ...
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Stunt driving is an intense and sometimes dangerous sport. Professional stunt drivers are truly skilful individuals. These drivers can perform a variety of tricks, stunts and jumps in their specially designed vehicles.
Stunt - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
pull a stunt (on someone) To carry out a trick, deception, or practical joke (against someone). It turns out that the supposed alien visitors people had been seeing were just a bunch of teenagers pulling a stunt on the town. I've got a great plan to pull a stunt on the school for April Fools' Day. The fake article had been in print in the renowned ...
Crazy Stunt Cars 2 - Play Crazy Stunt Cars 2 on Crazy Games
Crazy Stunt Cars 2 is the superb sequel to the original 3D stunt driving game Crazy Stunt Cars.In this second installment you can explore a new open world and immense city scape with improved graphics and a larger range of streets, roads and twists and turns to drive through.
Russ - For the Stunt (Official Video)
Music video by Russ performing For the Stunt. (C) 2016 Russ My Way Inc. and Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment.