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JCC Lighting, Light Bulbs and Fluorescent Tube Retailers in the UK for over 30 Years of Quality Lighting and Lamps. The world of lighting is changing and we are rapidly changing with it.
Sunspot - Wikipedia
Sunspot number also changes over long periods. For example, from 1900 to the 1960s, the solar maxima trend of sunspot count was upwards; for the following decades it diminished. However, the Sun was last as active as this period over 8,000 years ago.
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Why should I register? Extend your warranty up to 10 years; Sign up for updates, product news and deals; Which products can I register? Any JCC product that offers an extended 3 or 5 year commercial, 10 year domestic or 7 year extended product warranty
Dwarf star - Wikipedia
A dwarf star is a star of relatively small size and low luminosity.Most main sequence stars are dwarf stars. The term was originally coined in 1906 when the Danish astronomer Ejnar Hertzsprung noticed that the reddest stars—classified as K and M in the Harvard scheme could be divided into two distinct groups. They are either much brighter than the Sun, or much fainter.