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A UNIQUE MAKEUP BOUTIQUE! Smooch! Studio was born to empower women of all ages, making them feel confident, sexy and adventurous about their makeup.
Smooch - definition of smooch by The Free Dictionary
smooch (smo͞och) Slang n. A kiss. intr.v. smooched, smooch·ing, smooch·es To kiss. [Alteration of English dialectal smouch, perhaps imitative of the sound of a kiss.] smooch (smuːtʃ) vb (intr) 1. (of two people) to kiss and cuddle. Also (Austral and NZ): smoodge or smooge 2. (Dancing) Brit to dance very slowly and amorously with one's arms around ...
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Reach users wherever they are. Smooch integrates with more communication channels than any other software. Integrate with chat apps and more. Instantly access any messaging channel, from popular chat apps and voice assistants to email, SMS and RCS with a single API.
Smooch Synonyms, Smooch Antonyms |
I must be, with a smooch of flour on my nose and my hair every which way. Thus a smooch, or "offset," the result of handling the paper before the ink has become dry, is prevented.
Smooch (TV Movie 2011) - IMDb
SMOOCH is a modern retelling of the classic Frog Prince tale with a romantic comedy twist. A rakishly handsome "English Royal" comes to America for an arranged marriage, and ends up being mugged in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and left with amnesia.
Urban Dictionary: smooch
The act of kissing. Implying a playful and sometimes wet kiss, although it's usually without tongue. Given by married couples to each other in the morning, before they leave for work.
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SMOSH presents…. YOU POSTED THAT? The game show where SMOSH asks the best people from the internet to come face-to-face with their worst social media posts in a friendly competition to win, well ...
Smooch | Define Smooch at
Contemporary Examples. of smooch. The Voice judge managed to sneak in a smooch for his girlfriend, model Anne V, when it was her turn on the catwalk.