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Situation is often used in contexts in which it is redundant or imprecise. Typical examples are: the company is in a crisis situation or people in a job situation. In the first example, situation does not add to the meaning and should be omitted. In the second example, it would be clearer and more concise to substitute a phrase such as people at work
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early 15c., "place, position, or location," from Middle French situation or directly from Medieval Latin situationem (nominative situatio) "a position, situation," noun of action from past participle stem of situare "to place, locate" (see situate).Meaning "state of affairs" is from 1710; meaning "employment post" is from 1803.
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Meantime, I searched, with great interest, the advertising columns of the newspapers, and wrote answers to every 'Wanted a Governess' that appeared at all eligible; but all my letters, as well as the replies, when I got any, were dutifully shown to my mother; and she, to my chagrin, made me reject the situations one after another: these were low people, these were too exacting in their demands ...
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Category Music; Song Situations; Artist Escape The Fate; Album Dying Is Your Latest Fashion; Licensed to YouTube by WMG (on behalf of Epitaph - ADA); CMRRA, Sony ATV Publishing, LatinAutor ...
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3. Position or status with regard to conditions and circumstances: Their family's situation deteriorated during the recession.
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We may say that an "instinctive" movement is a vital movement performed by an animal the first time that it finds itself in a novel situation; or, more correctly, one which it would perform if the situation were novel.
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The Law of Effect is that: Of several responses made to the same situation, those which are accompanied or closely followed by satisfaction to the animal will, other things being equal, be more firmly connected with the situation, so that, when it recurs, they will be more likely to recur; those which are accompanied or closely followed by discomfort to the animal will, other things being ...
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Here, the entire shape generation plans formed par t of the situations of these rules.
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Then we relapsed into a discomfited silence, and wished we were anywhere else. But Miss Thorn relieved the situation by laughing aloud, and with such a hearty enjoyment that instead of getting angry and more mortified we began to laugh ourselves, and instantly felt better. (Britain, dated) A position of employment; a post.
SITUATIONS is an American gallery devoted to contemporary art, founded by Jackie Klempay and Mariah Robertson in 2015.