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Rung | Definition of Rung by Merriam-Webster
Rung definition is - past participle of ring How to use rung in a sentence.
Rungs - definition of Rungs by The Free Dictionary
rung 1 (rŭng) n. 1. A rod or bar forming a step of a ladder. 2. A crosspiece between the legs of a chair. 3. The spoke in a wheel. 4. Nautical One of the spokes or handles on a ship's wheel. 5. A level or degree in a hierarchy: a middle manager awaiting a promotion to the next rung. [Middle English, from Old English hrung.] rung 2 (rŭng) v. Past ...
Rung | Definition of Rung at
Rung definition, simple past tense and past participle of ring2. See more.
rung - Wiktionary
Adjective []. rung (not comparable) . Of a pig: having a ring through the nose. 1842, American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine (volume 13, page 335) […] he passed by his gate with a decided scowl on his furrowed brow, and grunting and growling like a newly rung pig.1919, Popular Science (volume 95, number 4, page 31) A "rung" pig is comfortable as long as he confines his food hunt to the ...
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SlipNOT® ladder rungs provide essential safety for new ladder construction.Request a ladder rung sample today! The following OSHA standards apply to portable and fixed ladders: 1926.1053(a)(6)(i) The rungs and steps of fixed metal ladders manufactured after March 15, 1991, shall be corrugated, knurled, dimpled, coated with skid-resistant material, or otherwise treated to minimize slipping. ladder rungs
Set of 3 - Made in U*S*A - SAFTRON Gray Pool Ladder Step Rungs (for use with any standard 19-20" Pool Ladder with 1.9" OD tubing). Strong & Beautiful 3.75" wide.
RUNG | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
rung definition: 1. past participle of ring 2. any of the short bars that form the steps of a ladder 3. past participle of ring . Learn more.
Ladder Rung Step - The Home Depot
The Guardian Fall Protection Ladder Rung Step is constructed of reinforced aluminum for long lasting durability. It is safe and light weight. It creates a comfortable standing platform to perform hours of work.
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