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Rout | Definition of Rout by Merriam-Webster
First Known Use of rout. Noun (1) 13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1. Verb (1) 14th century, in the meaning defined above. Verb (2) circa 1564, in the meaning defined at intransitive sense 1. Noun (2)
Rout | Define Rout at
noun. a defeat attended with disorderly flight; dispersal of a defeated force in complete disorder: to put an army to rout; to put reason to rout. any overwhelming defeat: a rout of the home team by the state champions. a tumultuous or disorderly crowd of persons.
Rout - definition of rout by The Free Dictionary
1. To put to disorderly flight or retreat: "the flock of starlings which Jasper had routed with his gun" (Virginia Woolf).
Rout Synonyms, Rout Antonyms |
The sally failed, and the men of Mansoul were turned to rout. Artillery, baggage, all was lost; and the rout was complete. After that Henriette and Sandoz, who were in consternation, witnessed the rout of their menu.
Rout dictionary definition | rout defined
An example of a rout is a group of people rioting in a city. An example of a rout is soldiers scattering from the scene of a lost battle. verb
Rout - Wikipedia
A rout / r aʊ t / is a panicked, disorderly and undisciplined retreat of troops from a battlefield, following a collapse in a given unit's command authority, unit cohesion and combat morale (esprit de corps). In the absence of effective motivation and control from their leaders, a unit that has taken heavy casualties and/or believes itself about to be surrounded, annihilated or overrun by a ...
Rout legal definition of rout -
See: beat, debacle, defeat, dispel, miscarriage, overcome, prostration, repel, repulse, subjugate, surmount rout a group of three or more people proceeding to commit ...
rout | Definition of rout in English by Oxford Dictionaries
‘The battle was turned into a rout as soldiers struggled to carry the king's body to the castle.’ ‘Their retreat had been a rout, and thousands of fleeing refugees, the elderly, women and children, had been slaughtered mercilessly.’
Rout | RuneScape Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Rout is a threshold Ranged ability that is unlocked from the Scare Tactics book. Similar to its basic counterpart, it stuns, knocks back and binds the target for 3 seconds whilst dealing 40-200% ability damage.. Against monsters that are not stun-immune, Rout works well in conjunction with Piercing Shot.This is because Piercing Shot deals an extra 94% damage when the target is stunned.
rout - Dictionary Definition :
When you think about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, associate a rout with the agonizing defeat. A rout is the kind of humiliating loss that makes you wish you would have been injured in the first quarter so you could have avoided the outcome.