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Rhythm | Definition of Rhythm by Merriam-Webster
Rhythm definition is - an ordered recurrent alternation of strong and weak elements in the flow of sound and silence in speech. How to use rhythm in a sentence.
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Rhythm - Wikipedia
Rhythm (from Greek ῥυθμός, rhythmos, "any regular recurring motion, symmetry" (Liddell and Scott 1996)) generally means a "movement marked by the regulated succession of strong and weak elements, or of opposite or different conditions" (Anon. 1971, 2537).This general meaning of regular recurrence or pattern in time can apply to a wide variety of cyclical natural phenomena having a ...
Rhythm | Definition of Rhythm at
Rhythm definition, movement or procedure with uniform or patterned recurrence of a beat, accent, or the like. See more.
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rhythm | Definition, Time, & Meter |
Rhythm, in music, the placement of sounds in time. In its most general sense, rhythm (Greek rhythmos, derived from rhein, “to flow”) is an ordered alternation of contrasting elements.The notion of rhythm also occurs in other arts (e.g., poetry, painting, sculpture, and architecture) as well as in nature (e.g., biological rhythms).
Rhythm - definition of rhythm by The Free Dictionary
rhythm (rĭth′əm) n. 1. Movement or variation characterized by the regular recurrence or alternation of different quantities or conditions: the rhythm of the tides. 2. The patterned, recurring alternations of contrasting elements of sound or speech. 3. Music a. The patterning of musical sound, as by differences in the timing, duration, or stress of ...
Rhythm | Article about rhythm by The Free Dictionary
rhythm, the basic temporal element of music, concerned with duration and with stresses or accents whether irregular or organized into regular patternings. The formulation in the l
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Rhythm | poetry |
Rhythm: Rhythm, in poetry, the patterned recurrence, within a certain range of regularity, of specific language features, usually features of sound. Although difficult to define, rhythm is readily discriminated by the ear and the mind, having as it does a physiological basis. It is universally agreed to