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What Does Cancer Remission Really Mean? - WebMD
If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you’re probably hoping to hear your doctor use the word “remission.” It marks a major turn in your care and long-term health. But it’s more ...
Remission | Definition of Remission by Merriam-Webster
Recent Examples on the Web. Among bulimic and binge eating patients, the remission rates were 44% and 52%, respectively, one year later. — Waverly Colville, WSJ, "How Virtual Reality Is Being Used to Treat Eating Disorders," 25 July 2018 Over time, many people with relapsing-remitting MS go on to develop secondary-progressive MS, in which symptoms grow worse, with fewer periods of remission.
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Medicine/Medical.. a temporary or permanent decrease or subsidence of manifestations of a disease. a period during which such a decrease or subsidence occurs: The patient's leukemia was in remission.
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remission, remit - Remission originally meant forgiveness or pardon for an offense or sin, and remit meant "forgive, pardon."
Remission | definition of remission by Medical dictionary
remission [re-mish´un] diminution or abatement of the symptoms of a disease; the period during which such diminution occurs. re·mis·sion (rē-mish'ŭn), 1. Abatement or lessening in severity of the symptoms of a disease. 2. The period during which such abatement occurs. [L. remissio, fr. re-mitto, pp. -missus, to send back, slacken, relax] remission ...
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Remission of cancer refers to the absence of active disease for a period of at least 1 month. The absence of active disease does not mean that cancer has been cured or even that there are no detectable signs of cancer.
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remission listen (reh-MIH-shun) A decrease in or disappearance of signs and symptoms of cancer. In partial remission, some, but not all, signs and symptoms of cancer have disappeared.
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Remission comes from the Latin remissionem, meaning "relaxation, a sending back."If something difficult lets up, you'll be able to relax a little. For example, if are being pelted non-stop during a dodgeball game, you'd hope for a remission, so you have a minute to take a breath and find your glasses. Another meaning of the noun remission is a payment.
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Every convict who helped to catch a fugitive was entitled to a remission of six days. May their prayers obtain the remission of their sins, and may the sun smile on them!
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Remission often refers to: . Forgiveness; Remission may also refer to: . Healthcare and science. Remission (medicine), the state of absence of disease activity in patients with a chronic illness, with the possibility of return of disease activity Remission (spectroscopy), the reflection or scattering of light by a material Law. Clemency, the reduction of a prison sentence