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Religious | Definition of Religious by Merriam-Webster
Adjective. My religious beliefs forbid the drinking of alcohol. Religious leaders called for an end to the violence. His wife is very active in the church, but he's not religious himself.
Religion - Wikipedia
Religion (from O.Fr. religion religious community, from L. religionem (nom. religio) "respect for what is sacred, reverence for the gods, sense of right, moral obligation, sanctity", "obligation, the bond between man and the gods") is derived from the Latin religiō, the ultimate origins of which are obscure.One possible interpretation traced to Cicero, connects lego read, i.e. re (again) with ...
Religious | Define Religious at
2. reverent. Religious, devout, pious indicate a spirit of reverence toward God. Religious is a general word, applying to whatever pertains to faith or worship: a religious ceremony. Devout indicates a fervent spirit, usually genuine and often independent of outward observances: a deeply devout though unorthodox church member. Pious implies constant attention to, and extreme conformity with ...
Religious Synonyms, Religious Antonyms |
c.1200, "devout, pious, imbued with or expressive of religious devotion," from Anglo-French religius, Old French religious (12c., Modern French religieux) and directly from Latin religiosus, from religio (see religion).Meaning "pertaining to religion" is from 1530s. Transferred sense of "scrupulous, exact" is recorded from 1590s.
religious - Dictionary Definition :
Religious, besides meaning "having to do with religion," can also mean "acting as if something is a religion."If you have never missed a broadcast of your favorite TV show for the last five years, then you're religious about it.
religious | Definition of religious in English by Oxford ...
Definition of religious - relating to or believing in a religion. ‘But remember, it is not necessary to have a formal religious practice or a belief in God to prove conscientious objection.’
Religious Discrimination
Religious Discrimination. Religious discrimination involves treating a person (an applicant or employee) unfavorably because of his or her religious beliefs.
NE-YO - 'Religious'
Category People & Blogs; Song Religious; Artist Ne-Yo; Licensed to YouTube by UMG (on behalf of Motown (Capitol)); Audiam (Publishing), UMPI, Abramus Digital, ASCAP, Third Side Music, UMPG ...
Religious | definition of religious by Medical dictionary
religion A term which, in the UK, is defined as an organised belief system concerning the sacred and/or divine, which is based on the moral codes, cultures and subcultures, practices and institutions associated with such a belief system.
Report on International Religious Freedom
The constitution provides for freedom of religion and conscience. Religious groups may worship without registering, but registered groups receive certain benefits, including the right to receive state funding, operate schools and hospitals, and receive property tax exemptions.