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Posture | Definition of Posture by Merriam-Webster
Posture definition is — Define posture: the position or bearing of the body whether characteristic or assumed for a special purposeDefine posture: the position or bearing of the body whether characteristic or assumed for a special purpose.
Posture | Define Posture at
Posture definition, the relative disposition of the parts of something. See more.
4 Ways to Improve Your Posture - wikiHow
How to Improve Your Posture. Though improving your posture is no easy feat, having good posture can help you look and feel better. If you find yourself slouching a lot, take steps to work on your posture in all parts of your life, from...
How To Improve Posture For A Healthy Back - Cleveland Clinic
Learn how to improve your posture so that you can not only correct your bad posture but also help your back stay healthy from the experts at the Cleveland Clinic.
Slide show: Prevent back pain with good posture - Mayo Clinic
Good posture can help prevent back pain. Find out how to stand tall.
Posture - definition of posture by The Free Dictionary
Define posture. posture synonyms, posture pronunciation, posture translation, English dictionary definition of posture. n. 1. a. A position of a person's body or body parts: a sitting posture; the posture of a supplicant.
Posture Power: How To Correct Your Body's Alignment
Your posture says a lot about your personality. It also says a lot about how your joints and muscles are working. Here's everything you need to know about assessing your postural deviations and how to fix them!
Proper and Poor Posture - Swayback, Slouching
Poor posture (sitting, standing, or lying down) makes the back more vulnerable to injuries and back pain; weak or shortened muscles and fatigue contribute to poor posture and back pain.
Posture - Wikipedia
Posture or posturing may refer to:. Medicine. Good posture or neutral spine . Abnormal posturing, in neurotrauma; Human position; Poor posture; Posturography, in neurology; Other uses ...
10 Ways to Have Great Posture as You Age - Health
Although a stooped posture may seem to go hand in hand with old age, you can help prevent the characteristic rounding of the spine that is often