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He positioned the ship above the hole which had been drilled into the huge rock. Raoul positioned his little party in the center of the foremost line.
Positioned - definition of positioned by The Free Dictionary
c. In ballet, any of the five arrangements of the arms and feet in which the legs are turned out from the pelvis.
Position | Definition of Position by Merriam-Webster
Noun. From this position, you can see all of New York City's skyline. Actors, please assume your positions.The show is about to begin. The child fell asleep in a sitting position. I was in an uncomfortable position and had to move. I was uncomfortable, so I shifted position. Return your seat to an upright position for landing.. Verb
Positioned | definition of positioned by Medical dictionary
anatomical position that of the human body standing erect, palms facing forward; it is the position of reference in designating site or direction of structures of the body. The anatomical position for quadrupeds is standing with all four feet on the ground; the difference between animal and human anatomical position leads to confusion among terms indicating position and direction.
Positioned legal definition of positioned - Legal Dictionary
The patient is positioned on a surgical table that is located immediately on top of one of the MRI's two magnet poles.
Positioned - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
A sex position in which the woman is on top of the man, with both partners facing each other. The Kama Sutra is totally blowing my mind! All I knew before was the cowgirl position!
Positioned - Pentaho Documentation
An object whose own property names with a truthy value are the names of the properties of the current complex type to omit from the serialization.. Only applies when a complex is output in object form. In array form, all properties are output whatever their value. This argument only applies to complex values and is not passed through to the values of their properties.