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Positioned - definition of positioned by The Free Dictionary
po·si·tion (pə-zĭsh′ən) n. 1. A place or location. 2. a. The right or appropriate place: The bands are in position for the parade's start. b. A strategic area occupied by members of a force: The troops took up positions along the river. 3. a. The way in which something is placed: the position of the clock's hands. b. The arrangement of body parts ...
Position | Definition of Position by Merriam-Webster
Position definition is - an act of placing or arranging: such as. How to use position in a sentence.
Positioned | definition of positioned by Medical dictionary
position [pŏ-zish´un] 1. a bodily posture or attitude. 2. the relationship of a given point on the presenting part of the fetus to a designated point of the maternal pelvis; see accompanying table. See also presentation. Common examination positions. From Lammon et al., 1995. anatomical position that of the human body standing erect, palms facing ...
Positioned - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
assume the position 1. To take over the role and responsibilities of a particular job. My boss wants me to assume the position of treasurer this year, but I don't know if I want the extra workload. 2. A command issued by US law enforcement officers, meaning to stand with one's back to the officer and hold one's arms in a position to be either handcuffed ...
Positioned legal definition of positioned - Legal Dictionary
The patient is positioned on a surgical table that is located immediately on top of one of the MRI's two magnet poles.
POSITIONED | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
positioned definition: 1. past simple and past participle of position 2. to put something or someone in a particular place: . Learn more.
Well-positioned | Definition of Well-positioned at ...
Well-positioned definition, condition with reference to place; location; situation. See more.
Position | Definition of Position at
Position definition, condition with reference to place; location; situation. See more.
Positioned class - widgets library - Flutter - Dart API docs
A widget that controls where a child of a Stack is positioned.. A Positioned widget must be a descendant of a Stack, and the path from the Positioned widget to its enclosing Stack must contain only StatelessWidgets or StatefulWidgets (not other kinds of widgets, like RenderObjectWidgets).. If a widget is wrapped in a Positioned, then it is a positioned widget in its Stack.