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systemd.unit -
Description¶. A unit configuration file encodes information about a service, a socket, a device, a mount point, an automount point, a swap file or partition, a start-up target, a watched file system path, a timer controlled and supervised by systemd (1), a resource management slice or a group of externally created processes.
CruiseControl Configuration Reference
CruiseControl Configuration Reference. CruiseControl configuration files are written in XML. This document describes the XML elements and attributes for a valid configuration file.
Ajax.BeginForm AjaxOptions custom ... -
ASP.NET MVC; Ajax.BeginForm AjaxOptions custom arguments for OnComplete, OnSuccess, OnFailure and OnBegin « Clear/Reset MVC 3 Form and Unobtrusive jQuery Client Validation
Android MQTT - Knowledge Transfer
MQTT is a pub/sub protocol allows network devices to publish to a broker. Clients connect to this broker, which then communication between the two devices.
Container Groups - Create Or Update (Azure Container ...
Create or update container groups.Create or update container groups with specified configurations.
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Catalogo Montepaschi Premia. Regolamenti Montepaschi Club. Regolamento Montepaschi Club: Regolamento Montepaschi Premia
Send-MailMessage (Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility)
The Send-MailMessage cmdlet sends an email message from within Windows PowerShell.
Insert and Retrieve Image from SQLite Database in Android ...
Here we learn how to retrieve json using retrofit get request and using SQLite DB, perform insert and retrieve operation […]
Open Source License. MooTools libraries are released under the Open Source MIT license which gives you the possibility to use them and modify them in every circumstance.
How to get powershell script to send email with attached file
I am trying to send an email with attached file in a script. I have the attached script that sends an email, however, I cannot figure out how to make it attach a ...