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occurred Definition: (of an event) come to pass (in time, so that it is real and actual at some time) Examples: Nothing occurred that seemed important
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It is not logically necessary to the existence of a memory-belief that the event remembered should have occurred, or even that the past should have existed at all.
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The voyage was more than half completed, and nothing of importance had occurred to mark it. It occurred to him that he could sell them at a market store in the village.
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Recent Examples on the Web. The walkouts occurred at dozens of Google’s offices around the world today, according to organizers, in one of the largest public showings of tech worker activism to date. — Shirin Ghaffary, Recode, "Google’s giant employee walkouts are one of the strongest showings of tech worker activism yet," 1 Nov. 2018 This sector is where a huge portion of U.S. business ...
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The best thing about the bedroom was the bed. I liked to stay in bed for hours, even during the day with covers pulled up to my chin. It was good in there, nothing ever occurred in there, no people, nothing.
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The Additional Day Which Occured Every Fourth Year Was Given To February, As Being The Shortest Month, And Was Inserted In The Calendar Between The 24Th And 25Th Day.
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occur to (one) To be (suddenly) realized by one; to come into one's mind. It occurs to me that I never explained why we need these extra computers. Did it ever occur to you that maybe I was trying to do you a favor? See also: occur occur to someone [for an idea or thought] to come into someone's mind. It occurred to me that you might be hungry after ...
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verb (used without object), oc·curred, oc·cur·ring. to happen; take place; come to pass: When did the accident occur? to be met with or found; present itself; appear. to suggest itself in thought; come to mind (usually followed by to): An idea occurred to me.