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What Is It Called When A Person Is “Speaking In Tongues?” A person who has what is known as “the gift of tongues” is usually in the midst of religious ecstasy, trance, or delirium.
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Doctors came to see her singly and in consultation, talked much in French, German, and Latin, blamed one another, and prescribed a great variety of medicines for all the diseases known to them, but the simple idea never occurred to any of them that they could not know the disease Natasha was suffering from, as no disease suffered by a live man can be known, for every living person has his own ...
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Recent Examples on the Web. While folliculitis can occur simply from the trauma of waxing, it can also be caused by exposure to bacteria in the wax and result in an infection. — Nicole Saporita, Good Housekeeping, "12 Must-Know Things to Consider Before Waxing Your Face," 30 Apr. 2019 The important thing to remember is that accidents like this are extremely rare: Data showed that one fatal ...
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The Additional Day Which Occured Every Fourth Year Was Given To February, As Being The Shortest Month, And Was Inserted In The Calendar Between The 24Th And 25Th Day.
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The best thing about the bedroom was the bed. I liked to stay in bed for hours, even during the day with covers pulled up to my chin. It was good in there, nothing ever occurred in there, no people, nothing.
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occur to (one) To be (suddenly) realized by one; to come into one's mind. It occurs to me that I never explained why we need these extra computers. Did it ever occur to you that maybe I was trying to do you a favor? See also: occur occur to someone [for an idea or thought] to come into someone's mind. It occurred to me that you might be hungry after ...
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The voyage was more than half completed, and nothing of importance had occurred to mark it. It occurred to him that he could sell them at a market store in the village.
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