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Obtain | Definition of Obtain by Merriam-Webster
Did You Know? Obtain, which was adopted into English in the 15th century, comes to us via Anglo-French from the Latin obtinēre, meaning "to take hold of." "Obtinēre" was itself formed by combination of ob-, meaning "in the way," and the verb tenēre, meaning "to hold." If you have the kind of memory that holds on to etymological sources, you will likely remember that we featured another ...
Obtain | Define Obtain at
Obtain definition, to come into possession of; get, acquire, or procure, as through an effort or by a request: to obtain permission; to obtain a better income. See more.
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Synonyms for obtain at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for obtain.
Obtain - definition of obtain by The Free Dictionary
1. 'obtain' If you obtain something that you want or need, you get it.
Obtain dictionary definition | obtain defined
I should like much to see it, and to obtain a few copies if possible.; Obtain something from someone along with instructions on how to use it.; By the judicious selection of a type of yeast it is possible to improve the bouquet, and from an inferior must obtain a better wine or cider than would otherwise be produced.; If the reading for coincidence of the movable with the fixed webs is known ...
OBTAIN | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
obtain definition: 1. to get something, especially by asking for it, buying it, working for it, or producing it from something else: 2. (especially of a situation) to exist: 3. to get something, esp. by a planned effort: . Learn more.
obtain | Definition of obtain in English by Oxford ...
Definition of obtain - get, acquire, or secure (something), be prevalent, customary, or established
Obtain - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
procurer] of the letters to obtain any comfort thereby ; for in that time God was despised, and the lawful authority was contemned in Scotland, in hope of the sudden return and regiment of that cruel murderer of her awin husband, of whose lords the said Earl was called one; and yet, oftener than once, he was solemnly sworn to the King and to his Regent.
Obtain legal definition of obtain -
The tenant's best bet is to obtain a sale lease back investor and contract executed prior to the commencement of construction, since the contract will serve as a take-out for the tenant's construction 3an.
obtain | Origin and meaning of obtain by Online Etymology ...
Meaning: "acquire, obtain" (14c.), from Latin obtinere "hold, hold fast, take hold of, get possession of, acquire," from ob "in front… See more definitions.