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Non-blocking algorithm - Wikipedia
In computer science, an algorithm is called non-blocking if failure or suspension of any thread cannot cause failure or suspension of another thread; for some operations, these algorithms provide a useful alternative to traditional blocking implementations.A non-blocking algorithm is lock-free if there is guaranteed system-wide progress, and wait-free if there is also guaranteed per-thread ...
Introduction to non-blocking I/O - Kegel
Introduction to non-blocking I/O Programs that use non-blocking I/O tend to follow the rule that every function has to return immediately, i.e. all the functions in such programs are nonblocking.
Asynchronous I/O - Wikipedia
In computer science, asynchronous I/O (also non-sequential I/O) is a form of input/output processing that permits other processing to continue before the transmission has finished. Input and output (I/O) operations on a computer can be extremely slow compared to the processing of data. An I/O device can incorporate mechanical devices that must physically move, such as a hard drive seeking a ...
Glossary - The Reactive Manifesto
Asynchronous. The Oxford Dictionary defines asynchronous as “not existing or occurring at the same time”. In the context of this manifesto we mean that the processing of a request occurs at an arbitrary point in time, sometime after it has been transmitted from client to service.
Blocking And Nonblocking In Verilog -
This page contains tidbits on writing FSM in verilog, difference between blocking and non blocking assignments in verilog, difference between wire and reg, metastability, cross frequency domain interfacing, all about resets, FIFO depth calculation,Typical Verification Flow
Using select() for non-blocking sockets to connect always ...
This question is very similar (or almost identical) to In a non blocking socket connect, select() always returns 1; however, I can't seem to find where my code is faltering. I am using non-blocking
cmd - .bat files, nonblocking run/launch - Stack Overflow
How do i launch 2 apps at once in a .bat file? my current text is cd mydir my.exe my.exe difParams //bat is finished. i dont want my.exe to close
ReactPHP - Event-driven, non-blocking I/O with PHP
Event-driven, non-blocking I/O with PHP. ReactPHP is a low-level library for event-driven programming in PHP. At its core is an event loop, on top of which it provides low-level utilities, such as: Streams abstraction, async DNS resolver, network client/server, HTTP client/server and interaction with processes.
Non-blocking raw_input for Python - Gary Robinson's Rants
[Edited Aug. 30, 2010 to fix a typo in the function name and generally improve formatting] I needed a way to allow a raw_input() call to time out. In case it's useful to anyone, I wrote this solution which works...
AudioTrack | Android Developers
The AudioTrack class manages and plays a single audio resource for Java applications. It allows streaming of PCM audio buffers to the audio sink for playback.