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The donkey is a relative of the horse. Adjective. the relative value of two houses the relative positions of the islands We discussed the relative merits of each school. “Who,” “whom,” “whose,” “which,” and “that” are all relative pronouns. The phrase “that won” in “the book that won” is a relative clause.
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Define relative. relative synonyms, relative pronunciation, relative translation, English dictionary definition of relative. adj. 1. Considered in comparison or relation to something else: an animal with a large brain relative to body size; the relative quiet of the suburbs.
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5 Relative Pronouns That You Use Every Day Spoilers: We’ll be diving into who vs. whom in this one! The first thing we should mention is that relative pronouns introduce relative clauses. A relative clause is a type of dependent clause (a clause that can’t stand by itself as a complete sentence). It adds extra information to a sentence.
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Contestants race across the country in search of relatives they have never met, in hopes they will reach the finish line first and win the grand prize. Four teams (red, blue, green, black) are given clues and challenges along the way that lead them to people who share the same DNA. The last-place finisher at each stage of the competition receives a strike.
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Discover how YOU are related to Prophets, Presidents, and friends! Find famous ancestors and long-lost cousins.
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‘Secondly, the relative pronoun has an antecedent in the poem, albeit divided from it by a colon.’ ‘A contrast of personal and non-personal is also found with the relative pronouns who/whom versus which.’ ‘The other personal relative pronoun, who, doesn't seem to be affected nearly as much.’