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Nondispersive infrared sensor - Wikipedia
A nondispersive infrared sensor (or NDIR sensor) is a simple spectroscopic sensor often used as a gas detector.It is nondispersive in the sense of optical dispersion since the infrared energy is allowed to pass through the atmospheric sampling chamber without deformation.
Nondispersive Infrared Detector (NDIR) principle | Cambustion
The Cambustion Fast NDIR uses a unique sampling system, coupled to miniaturised NDIR technology to give millisecond response times. The Cambustion Fast NDIR has two remote Sampling Heads controlled by a Main Control Unit, and is capable of sampling CO & CO 2 simultaneously in two locations. See Applications & Sample Data.
Technical Note 169 Theory And Operation Of NDIR Sensors
THEORY AND OPERATION OF NDIR SENSORS THEORY OF NDIR The MultiRAE IR monitor uses an NDIR (non-dispersive infrared . absorbance) sensor to monitor CO. 2. Most molecules can absorb infrared light, causing them to bend, stretch or twist. The amount of IR light absorbed is proportional to the concentration. The energy
How does an NDIR CO2 Sensor Work? |
NDIR is an industry term for "nondispersive infrared", and is the most common type of sensor used to measure carbon dioxide, or CO2.
Measuring principle: NDIR Gas analysis
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Infrared Non Dispersive CO2 Analyzer Working Principle ...
Infrared Non Dispersive CO2 Analyzer Working Principle The CO2 Analyser is a Analytical instrument that measures the concentration of CO2 gas in the process. The CO2 Analyzer use multi-component analysis by using Non Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) sensor technology for consistent, precise process gas measurement.
ndir 的技术路线分为两条: 1)向低分辩率、长波长、多气种方向发展,主要市场是分析仪表。 2)向小体积,低成本方向发展,主要市场是室内空气质量 iaq 检测,气种包含 co2 和碳氢 hc 类气体,全球销量约几百万只。 二、 电化学传感器的基本概述 8.
代表的なNDIR方式ガスセンサでは、高いレベルのIR光フラックスIdを光検出器へ送るため、アクティブなIR光源が使用されます。与えられた幾何的な値dは固定値であるため、この計算式でcを実験的に定義するためには、ふたつのパラメータIoおよびsのみが残り ...
Nichtdispersiver Infrarotsensor – Wikipedia
Ein nichtdispersiver Infrarotsensor oder NDIR-Sensor ist ein spektroskopisches Gerät, das überwiegend als Gassensor eingesetzt wird. Besonders geeignet sind NDIR-Analysatoren zur Bestimmung der Konzentration von Kohlenmonoxid, Kohlendioxid oder Kohlenwasserstoffen in einem Gas. Ein typisches Anwendungsgebiet ist die Analyse der Abgase von Verbrennungsmotoren.