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Maternal | Definition of Maternal by Merriam-Webster
Recent Examples on the Web. My pop-in habit, much like my liquor cabinet, is inspired by my maternal grandparents. — Chris Kornelis, WSJ, "Rediscover the Art of the Pop-In," 27 Dec. 2018 And the queen herself was born at the London home of her maternal grandparents. — Abby Gardner, Glamour, "How Meghan Markle's Birth Plan Might Differ From Kate Middleton's and Princess Diana's," 30 Nov ...
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Some women who want to be mothers and have maternal love to give should have the ability to do just that.
Maternal - definition of maternal by The Free Dictionary
For a year or two Eliza saw her husband frequently, and there was nothing to interrupt their happiness, except the loss of two infant children, to whom she was passionately attached, and whom she mourned with a grief so intense as to call for gentle remonstrance from her mistress, who sought, with maternal anxiety, to direct her naturally passionate feelings within the bounds of reason and ...
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Mary was, in many things, a child; but her attitude had grown to be maternal. But Mary, regardless of maternal cacklings, sped after the doctor as he turned his horse.
Difference Between Paternal and Maternal | Difference ...
The word “paternal” comes from the Latin word “pater” which means “father.” The suffix “al” would then mean “pertaining to.” So the word would simply mean “pertaining to a father.” On the other hand, the word “maternal” would just be vice versa. The word comes from the ...
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‘Untreated maternal depression, on the other hand, may have an adverse effect on development.’ ‘The Health center receives an average of 15 women per day for maternal care.’
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Of or pertaining to a mother; having the characteristics of a mother, motherly. His weakness seemed to bring out her maternal instincts.· (attributive) Related through the mother, or her side of the family. Toby is my maternal uncle.· (anatomy, medicine) Derived from the mother as opposed to the foetus during pregnancy.·Synonym of matern
Maternal | definition of maternal by Medical dictionary
maternal deprivation syndrome failure to thrive with severe growth retardation, unresponsiveness to the environment, depression, retarded mental and emotional development, and behavioral problems as a result of loss, absence, or neglect of the mother or other primary caregiver.
Maternal mortality
Maternal mortality is unacceptably high. About 830 women die from pregnancy- or childbirth-related complications around the world every day. It was estimated that in 2015, roughly 303 000 women died during and following pregnancy and childbirth.
MATERNAL | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
maternal definition: 1. behaving or feeling in the way that a mother does towards her child, especially in a kind, loving way: 2. related to a mother's side of the family: 3. behaving or feeling as a mother does toward her child: . Learn more.