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Machinima - Wikipedia
Machinima (/ m ə ˈ ʃ iː n ɪ m ə,-ˈ ʃ ɪ n-/) is the use of real-time computer graphics engines to create a cinematic production. Most often, video games are used to generate the computer animation. Machinima-based artists, sometimes called machinimists or machinimators, are often fan laborers, by virtue of their re-use of copyrighted materials (see below).). Machinima offers to provide ...
How to Make a Machinima: 15 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
How to Make a Machinima. You love watching cartoons, and you've decided it would be really fun to make your own. However, animation can be incredibly tedious. One way you can save time is by rearranging animation that already exists to fit...
Machinima - YouTube
Machinima is the most notorious purveyor and cultivator of fandom and gamer culture. This channel features current popular content such as BFFs, Super Best F...
Machinima (Concept) - Giant Bomb
Machinima can be used to describe any sort of video that primarily uses game footage to make, or as part of, a video. By this definition such examples include " frag videos" (videos that document a player's favorite or best kills), game trailers, recorded in-game sessions, and speedruns. However, this term is more commonly used to refer to plot-based fan films.
Favourite Machinimas - YouTube
Just my favourite machinimas sorted after no particular order. Just my favourite machinimas sorted after no particular order. Skip navigation
Machinima, Inc. - Wikipedia
Machinima, Inc. was a U.S.-based multiplatform online entertainment network owned by WarnerMedia.The company was founded in January 2000 by Hugh Hancock and was headquartered in Los Angeles, California.. It originated as a hub for its namesake, machinima, which uses and manipulates video-game technology to create animation, as well as featuring articles on machinima and content about film and ...
Welcome to the Wild World of Sims Machinima
Originally machinimas were speedruns of games such as Doom and Quake, the latter inspiring “ Quake movies” made with the in-game recorder and user-created mods and customizations. From there came machinima made in games ranging from Second Life to Halo .
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Why I Hate Minecraft Machinimas Minecraft Blog
Machinimas always seem to use noob and pro cliches, and there are some others that they use too. But seriously, not all noobs love dead bushes, and not all pros constantly wear diamond armor. Another cliche which I've noticed is Steve. In machinimas he is always the biggest noob of all.
Legal Issues with Machinima | HowStuffWorks
All the warnings about derivative works with machinima count double for machinima music videos. If you don't have the rights to the music in question, you run the risk of facing legal action from both the game company and the party that holds the rights to the song you've used.