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LiveBindings in VCL Part 3: Bindings via code • DelphiABall
This is the third post of a series looking at using VCL and LiveBindings. This posts will expand on post 2 and dynamically create via code the LiveBindings at run time. In my second blog post on Using LiveBindings in a VCL application, I looked at using the Prototype bind source for the first time ...
SharePoint Image Gallery that doesn’t suck in 7 easy steps ...
I’ve been asked by a client to come up with a more presentable way of displaying a SharePoint image gallery. And since the default way that SharePoint does that, is bu no means user-friendly at all, I dug around and found some code that just needed needs a little editing in order to work in SharePoint 2013.
DBS Data Solutions - Home
Find out about our passion for all things data in this short animation about what we do in DBS Data. Our vision is to be the most trusted source of compliant and innovative sales and marketing data solutions.
Open SharePoint 2013 List Items Directly into Edit View
I had written another post on this blog about opening list items directly into Edit View, which was based on SharePoint 2010. Since then I have received several requests on how to do this in SharePoint 2013.
Abstract Factory パターン 結城 浩「Java言語で学ぶデザインパターン入門」をPython化
第1引数 clsは classmethodの約束で自分のクラス名 Factoryであり,第2引数は sys.argv[1]であり,次の行でモジュール名とクラス名に分けられています。 - Aktuelles
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TiddlyHome - Multi-site & multi-user hosting service ...

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/*** StyleSheet for use when a translation requires any css style changes. This StyleSheet can be used directly by languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean which need larger font sizes.