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Lens - definition of lens by The Free Dictionary
lens Light rays converge when passing through a biconvex lens (top) and diverge when passing through a biconcave lens (bottom).f indicates the focus. lens (lĕnz) n. pl. lens·es 1. A ground or molded piece of glass, plastic, or other transparent material with opposite surfaces either or both of which are curved, by means of which light rays are ...
Lens (optics) - Wikipedia
A lens is a transmissive optical device that focuses or disperses a light beam by means of refraction.A simple lens consists of a single piece of transparent material, while a compound lens consists of several simple lenses (elements), usually arranged along a common axis.Lenses are made from materials such as glass or plastic, and are ground and polished or molded to a desired shape.
Lens | Definition of Lens by Merriam-Webster
1 a: a piece of transparent material (such as glass) that has two opposite regular surfaces either both curved or one curved and the other plane and that is used either singly or combined in an optical instrument for forming an image by focusing rays of light. b: a combination of two or more simple lenses. c: a piece of glass or plastic used (as in safety goggles or sunglasses) to protect the eye
Lens - The New York Times
lens Unraveling the Mysteries of Dorothea Lange’s ‘Migrant Mother’ The history behind Ms. Lange’s photograph of Florence Owens Thompson has intrigued academics and photographers for decades.
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The License Event Notification Service (LENS) can supply important information about the driving qualifications of drivers that you employ or regulate.
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lense vs lens | Common Errors in English | lense or lens
Lens is a curved piece of glass for magnifying or viewing objects. They are important parts of cameras, microscopes, binoculars etc. "It took Fred more than an hour to find his contact lens." Lense is common misspelling of the word lens that probably arises from the plural spelling of lens. It rarely appears in writings or in published books.

The Lens - Free & Open Patent and Scholarly Search
The Lens serves almost all the patents and scholarly work in the world as a free, open and secure digital public good, with user privacy a paramount focus.
Lens (anatomy) - Wikipedia
The lens is a transparent, biconvex structure in the eye that, along with the cornea, helps to refract light to be focused on the retina.The lens, by changing shape, functions to change the focal distance of the eye so that it can focus on objects at various distances, thus allowing a sharp real image of the object of interest to be formed on the retina. . This adjustment of the lens is known ...