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Intermittent | Definition of Intermittent by Merriam-Webster
In the intermittent light he could make out the shape of a solitary oak tree, spreading great arms from its short tremendous trunk. —Susan Cooper, The Dark is Rising, (1973) 1999 Decades of intermittent but recurring controversies with imperial authorities, and the lodestar of the glorious Revolution, disposed Americans to continue to believe that representation existed, first and foremost ...
Intermittent - definition of intermittent by The Free Dictionary
If one laid a finger on the string, the sound answered to the flapping of the runner in a sort of hollow intermittent murmur.
Intermittent | definition of intermittent by Medical dictionary
intermittent [in″ter-mit´ent] marked by alternating periods of activity and inactivity. intermittent claudication a group of symptoms characterized by pain, cramping, and ...
Intermittent Synonyms, Intermittent Antonyms |
Synonyms for intermittent at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for intermittent.
intermittent - Dictionary Definition :
The adjective intermittent modifies things that work or stop and start at periodic intervals. An interesting use of something intermittent is a metronome, a device that marks off time in music by making a sound in a regular pattern.
Intermittent dictionary definition | intermittent defined
The definition of intermittent is something that starts and stops or happens irregularly.
Intermittent definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
Intermittent definition: Something that is intermittent happens occasionally rather than continuously. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
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Intermittent Explosive Disorder | Psychology Today
An inability to resist aggressive urges may be an indication of intermittent explosive disorder. Individuals with this disorder often seriously damage property or assault others, and react in ways ...