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United Initiators: BENOX, CAROAT, CUROX and NOROX Chemicals | Home
United Initiators is a world leading manufacturer of organic peroxides and persulfates. Our products are essential for a multitude of indispensable things in modern daily life.
Radical initiator - Wikipedia
In chemistry, radical initiators are substances that can produce radical species under mild conditions and promote radical reactions. These substances generally possess weak bonds—bonds that have small bond dissociation energies.Radical initiators are utilized in industrial processes such as polymer synthesis. Typical examples are halogen molecules, azo compounds, and organic and inorganic ...
Igniters and Initiators are pyrotechnic devices. - Networks Electronic
Pyrotechnic initiators and igniters for producing heat or pressure to ignite such items as safety fuses, propellants, powders, and thermal battery systems in military, aerospace, or commercial applications.
EFI Initiators -
Teledyne RISI specializes in the manufacture of precision secondary explosive components including initiators and detonators utilizing the Exploding Bridgewire (EBW) and Exploding Foil (EFI) concepts.
Networks Electronic Company - Aerospace Military Pyrotechnics Devices Supplies Initiators CAD PAD | NEco
Networks Electronic Company designs, engineers, and manufactures high-precision mini pyrotechnic devices and ordnance for aerospace, defense and military applications including cartridge actuated devices CAD, PAD, initiators, and more.
Pyrotechnic Initiators - Tailored High Pressure | PacSci EMC
Our pyrotechnic initiators and electro-explosive devices are mission critical, working the first time is the ONLY option, and highly reliable. Count on it.
Organic Peroxides | United Initiators' Chemical Products
The organic peroxides from United Initiators are used in polymerization, chemical synthesis, and modification of polymers across many industries.
Pyrotechnic initiator - Wikipedia
A pyrotechnic initiator (also initiator or igniter) is a device containing a pyrotechnic composition used primarily to ignite other, more difficult-to-ignite materials, e.g. thermites, gas generators, and solid-fuel rockets.The name is often used also for the compositions themselves. Pyrotechnic initiators are often controlled electrically (called electro-pyrotechnic initiators), e.g. using a ...
MUST - Home
The LMU Entrepreneurship Center, the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship and the UnternehmerTUM, Center for Innovation and Business Creation are renowned worldwide and the initiators of MUST – The Munich Summit.Together with these entrepreneurship centers, industry, venture capital, startups and community partners, this knowledge hub creates a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem that has ...
Tia | Talent Initiators & Accelerators
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