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Access it all in the cloud or on-premises. The iManage Cloud is a modern cloud architecture designed to support the unique needs of professional work product management.
iManager V 6.0
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iManager | Novell NetWare 6.5 Management Tools | InformIT
iManager. NetWare 6.5 includes iManager 2.0, a Web-based tool for administering, managing, and configuring NetWare products, services, and eDirectory objects. iManager allows Role-Based Services (RBS) to give you a way to focus the user on a specified set of tasks and objects as determined by the user's role(s).
iManager 2.7.7 - Home | NetIQ
iManager 2.7.7. Novell LDAP Proxy 1.0 is a lightweight proxy server that provides enhanced security, scalability, and directory access control to an existing directory infrastructure.
iManager - Wikipedia
iManager is a web-based file manager for Unix-based servers.It comes with Open Novell Enterprise Server software and OpenSuSE Enterprise Server software. It can be used to monitor and configure software and hardware over the network. External links. Official website
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A - Z. iManager Detector. Remotely detect the version of iManager. iManager Objects to Manage SLP iManager 2.6 Objects to Manage SLP. iManager Plugin (NPM) Install
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NetIQ iManager 2.7.7 - Novell
Installing iManager . For information about installing iManager 2.7 SP7, see NetIQ iManager 2.7 SP7 Installation Guide.. For downloading the iManager plug-ins, see the NetIQ iManager Plug-ins page.