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Horn | Definition of Horn by Merriam-Webster
Horn definition is - one of the usually paired bony processes that arise from the head of many ungulates and that are found in some extinct mammals and reptiles: such as. How to use horn in a sentence.
Horn (instrument) - Wikipedia
A horn is any of a family of musical instruments made of a tube, usually made of metal and often curved in various ways, with one narrow end into which the musician blows, and a wide end from which sound emerges. In horns, unlike some other brass instruments such as the trumpet, the bore gradually increases in width through most of its length—that is to say, it is conical rather than ...
Horn | Definition of Horn at
Horn definition, one of the bony, permanent, hollow paired growths, often curved and pointed, that project from the upper part of the head of certain ungulate mammals, as cattle, sheep, goats, or antelopes. See more.
Horn - definition of horn by The Free Dictionary
horn top: white rhinoceros and bighorn sheep bottom:western saddle horn (hôrn) n. 1. One of the hard, usually permanent structures projecting from the head of certain mammals, such as cattle, sheep, goats, or antelopes, consisting of a bony core covered with a sheath of keratinous material. 2. A hard protuberance, such as an antler or projection on the ...
Horn - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
horn 1. n. the nose. He scratched his horn with his pencil and opened his mouth to speak. 2. n. the telephone. She’s on the horn now. What’ll I tell her? 3. tv. to sniff or snort a narcotic. (Drugs.) Ernie horned a line and paused for a minute. See: all horns and rattles around the horn be on the horn be on the horns of a dilemma blow (one's) own ...
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Horn | musical instrument group |
Horn: Horn, in music, any of several wind instruments sounded by vibration of the player’s tensed lips against a mouthpiece and primarily derived from animal horns blown at the truncated narrow end or, as among many tropical peoples, at a hole in the side. Metal construction, at first imitating natural
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Horn | zoology |
Horn: Horn, in zoology, either of the pair of hard processes that grow from the upper portion of the head of many hoofed mammals. The term is also loosely applied to antlers and to similar structures present on certain lizards, birds, dinosaurs, and insects. True horns—simple unbranched structures that
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