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gThumb 3.3.3 Released With Two New Image Tools [PPA] ~ Web ...
gThumb 3.3.3 was released recently, bringing new image tools, preferences dialog UI changes along with fixes for GTK 3.14 and more.
gThumb image viewer and browser download |
Download gThumb image viewer and browser for free. Image viewer and browser for the GNOME environment
gThumb - Wikipedia
gThumb is an image viewer and organizer with a couple of limited options to also edit images.[2] It was originally based on GQView, and is designed to have a clean, simple interface. It integrates well with the GNOME desktop environment.
gThumb Download Linux - Softpedia Linux
An easy-to-use-and-configure image viewer application for the GNOME desktop environment. gThumb is an open source project that provides users with a complex image viewer, organizer, browser and editor application specifically designed for the GNOME desktop environment.
gThumb 3.3.1 Image Viewer Has Better Support for RAW Images
Paolo Bacchilega had the pleasure to announce that gThumb 3.3.1 is available for download, a release that brings several new features, as well as user visible changes. gThumb is an open source, easy-to-use, and intuitive image viewer and browser utility that is mostly used under the powerful GNOME desktop environment.
Gthumb 3.6.0 Free Download, Linux | IceWalkers
Download Gthumb - Gthumb 3.6.0, Gthumb is an Image browser and viewer for the GNOME Desktop
gThumb 3.3.4 Image Viewer Has Been Updated for GNOME 3.16
Paolo Bacchilega has announced earlier today, March 30, that the gThumb 3.3 image viewer application has been updated for the newly released GNOME 3.16 desktop environment and GTK+ 3.16 toolkit. This is the fourth maintenance version of gThumb 3.3 and introduces a number of improvements, bugfixes ...
Gthumb - Free Software Directory
gThumb is an image viewer written for the GNOME environment. It lets you browse your hard disk showing you thumbnails of image files, view single files ...
gThumb 3.0.2 for Ubuntu - Download
gThumb is an image visualizer for GNOME that incorporates additional tools for the editing and management of each image's information. Despite its aspect, simple and clear, this program includes numerous options in each of its menus.