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Grew | Definition of Grew by Merriam-Webster
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verb (used without object), grew, grown, grow·ing. to increase by natural development, as any living organism or part by assimilation of nutriment; increase in size or substance.
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He grew pale with passion, turned on his heel, and strode away. But all the while, the days grew shorter and the nights were colder than they ought to have been.
Grew - definition of grew by The Free Dictionary
grew (gro͞o) v. Past tense of grow. grew (ɡruː) vb the past tense of grow grow (groʊ) v. grew, grown, grow•ing. v.i. 1. to increase in size by a natural process of development. 2. to come into being and develop: a plant that grows wild here. 3. to form and increase in size by a process of inorganic accretion, as by crystallization. 4. to arise or ...
Grew - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
Become available freely or without effort. Typically used in the phrase "money doesn't grow on trees." I can't believe you would spend your entire allowance on a silly video game.
Grew | definition of grew by Medical dictionary
A. Acai berry helps in reducing the weight by increasing your metabolism. This increased metabolism uses your body fat to continue the process of metabolism. Thus any extra fat of your body will be used due to this heightened metabolism.
Grew dictionary definition | grew defined
grew definition: Grew is defined as someone or something has gotten bigger or progressed. (verb) An example of grew is a child having become six inches taller.... grew definition: Grew is defined as someone or something has gotten bigger or progressed. ...
GREW | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
By contrast, for a commoner, density and intensity grew together: commoners may not have become more important mediators by having more intense networks.
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He had a dislike to that country, and I grew up in his prejudices. Gradually young Sami grew up and was able to help the cousin in the fields. I grew up in his home in Cornwall; it was my home, just as he was my father in everything but fact.
Nehemiah Grew - Wikipedia
Nehemiah Grew (26 September 1641 – 25 March 1712) was an English plant anatomist and physiologist, known as the "Father of Plant Anatomy".. Grew was the only son of Obadiah Grew (1607–1688), Nonconformist divine and vicar of St Michaels, Coventry, and was born in Warwickshire.He graduated at Pembroke College, Cambridge in 1661, and ten years later took the degree of M.D. at Leiden ...