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Faulty | Definition of Faulty by Merriam-Webster
His defense team also claimed that a ballistics expert could testify that a safety switch on the gun was faulty, according to the paper. — scott berson, miamiherald, "Farmer was accused of killing a man who ran over his dog.
Faulty - definition of faulty by The Free Dictionary
The best proof is that on the stage and in dramatic competition, such plays, if well worked out, are the most tragic in effect; and Euripides, faulty though he may be in the general management of his subject, yet is felt to be the most tragic of the poets.
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But the fact remains that the accident would never have occurred in the first place were it not for the faulty switch.
Faulty dictionary definition | faulty defined
A toaster that doesn't toast bread is an example of a faulty toaster. When you add 2+2 and get 5, this is an example of faulty reasoning. When someone is a weak and not very nice person, this is an example of faulty character.
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Thirteen car manufacturers have had over fifty models of cars detected with faulty airbags ranging between a $15,000 Honda Jazz and a $526,000 Ferrari 458.