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Exploring - Discover Your Future
Exploring provides exciting activities and one-on-one mentorship for youth looking to discover their future. Whether you’re a local organization looking to strengthen the community or a young person wanting to uncover the possibilities of your future, Exploring is a great place to start.
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This remained to be ascertained in exploring that river upwards. With every stage of it Newbury was revealing himself; and exploring her. For exploring into its darkness I found that of course it did have walls like any common building.
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Exploring definition, to traverse or range over (a region, area, etc.) for the purpose of discovery: to explore the island. See more.
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What was the meaning of that South-Sea Exploring Expedition, with all its parade and expense, but an indirect recognition of the fact that there are continents and seas in the moral world to which every man is an isthmus or an inlet, yet unexplored by him, but that it is easier to sail many thousand miles through cold and storm and cannibals, in a government ship, with five hundred men and ...
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Exploring is an interactive, worksite-based career education program of Learning for Life, an affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America.Participants in the program are called Explorers and previously Explorer Scouts.The program serves youth in 6th-8th grades (Exploring clubs), and young men and women who are 14 through 20 years old (Exploring posts).
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Researchers are exploring how language is acquired by children. The book explores a number of controversial issues. You need to explore your feelings on this subject more carefully. an opportunity to explore different activities The children were encouraged to explore mathematics. I decided to go out and explore the town. They were sent to explore unknown regions of Africa.
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Hey Explorers, In this video i'll show you how the lightweight versatile of the Google #PixelSlate powers my day. This video is sponsored by Google, and they sent me the Pixel Slate to try out. # ...
ABOUT exploring, Inc. Exploring is the parent company of several unique, trailblazing Atlanta-based companies. Our companies span a range of industries, from the exhibit and event industry to hospitality, commercial, retail, architectural, automotive, museum, and other markets.
Exploring - Boyscouts of Greater Saint Louis
Exploring – What is Exploring? Exploring is a career exploration program for students ages 14-20 years old (or 13 and have completed eighth grade). Exploring pairs students directly with local companies and organizations for career exploration
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Exploration is the act of searching for the purpose of discovery of information or resources. Exploration occurs in all non-sessile animal species, including humans. In human history, its most dramatic rise was during the Age of Discovery when European explorers sailed and charted much of the rest of the world for a variety of reasons. Since then, major explorations after the Age of Discovery ...