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Drain | Definition of Drain by Merriam-Webster
drain: [noun] a means (such as a pipe) by which usually liquid matter is drained.
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Drains. Find the exact bath, floor, roof, or storm drain needed for the next job here.
How to Install a French Drain in Your Landscaping
A landscaping French drain is a gravel-filled trench lined with landscape fabric to keep soil and silt out of the gravel. While some types of these drains include a perforated drain pipe (sometimes called drain tile) and may be covered with grass, the traditional French drain is simpler and easier to build.
Drain - definition of drain by The Free Dictionary
drain (drān) v. drained, drain·ing, drains 1. To draw off (a liquid) by a gradual process: drained water from the sink. 2. a. To cause liquid to go out from; empty: drained the bathtub; drain the pond. b. To draw off the surface water of: The Mississippi River drains a vast area. 3. To drink all the contents of: drained the cup. 4. a. To cause ...
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The Clearflo adjustable trip lever pop-up drain works The Clearflo adjustable trip lever pop-up drain works perfectly with a Revival 5 Ft. bath or whirlpool. You can depend on solid brass construction for durability and reliability and Kohler finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing exceeding industry durability standards over two times.
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Drain (plumbing) - Wikipedia
Drain design, Drain installation and Drain maintenance. Drain design and installation parameters are engineered to ensure drain functionality for its intended purpose, allowing for variances in volume, matter to be conveyed and maintenance requirements.
The DRAINS program will perform hydraulic grade line analyses, design stormwater drainage systems and produce summary graphs and tables, and pipe long section drawings. The movie shown above is an animation produced by DRAINS after an analysis using the unsteady flow engine.
ACO Drain
ACO Drain systems consist of manufactured modular trench drains made from stainless steel, corrosion resistant polymer concrete, or fiberglass, together with grates from a variety of materials for all loading applications.. ACO Drain systems are available in 2", 4”, 8” and 12” internal widths, and are available with a up to 130 ft (40m) of built-in continuous slope.