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Discontinue | Definition of Discontinue by Merriam-Webster
He discontinued his visits to the psychiatrist. She chose to discontinue her studies. The company has announced that the current model will be discontinued next year. They are planning to discontinue bus service between the two towns.
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As soon as the action was discontinued, Nelson went on board the admiral's ship. If you've discontinued your engagement Betty doesn't know it. Of course, it will be for you to say if this correspondence should be discontinued.
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Sorties by nuclear-capable bombers had been discontinued in 1992 as the Cold War came to an end, but Putin resumed them in 2007.
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The King of Spain did not discontinue sleeping with her until the 9th. These scoffers propose to discontinue the habit of swearing. In fact, one thing is clear to me, she must discontinue your acquaintanceship at once.
Discontinued | Definition of Discontinued by Merriam-Webster
Discontinued definition is - no longer produced or provided. How to use discontinued in a sentence.
discontinue | Definition of discontinue in English by ...
‘It wasn't very successful, but when she called her customers to tell them she was discontinuing the service, one of them panicked.’ ‘It's 20 years since the original service was discontinued and locals are delighted that the runs are being put back in place.’