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Crowd | Definition of Crowd by Merriam-Webster
Choose the Right Synonym for crowd. Noun (1) crowd, throng, horde, crush, mob mean an assembled multitude. crowd implies a close gathering and pressing together. a crowd gathered throng and horde suggest movement and pushing. a throng of reporters a horde of shoppers crush emphasizes the compactness of the group, the difficulty of individual movement, and the attendant discomfort.
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noun. a large number of persons gathered closely together; throng: a crowd of angry people. any large number of persons. any group or set of persons with something in common: The restaurant attracts a theater crowd.
Crowd - Wikipedia
A crowd is a large group of people that are gathered or considered together. A crowd may be definable through a common purpose or set of emotions, such as at a political rally, a sports event, or during looting (this is known as a psychological crowd), or may simply be made up of many people going about their business in a busy area. The term "the crowd" may sometimes refer to the lower orders ...
Crowd - definition of crowd by The Free Dictionary
crowd 1 (kroud) n. 1. A large number of persons gathered together; a throng. 2. The common people; the populace. 3. A group of people united by a common characteristic, as age, interest, or vocation: the over-30 crowd. 4. A group of people attending a public function; an audience: The play drew a small but appreciative crowd. 5. A large number of things ...
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The crowd surged about the ticker, and their voices came as from afar. This was responded to by a roar of satisfaction from the crowd below. At Gawler we were received by a crowd of people, and flags were flying to do us honour.
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