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Complementary | Definition of Complementary by Merriam-Webster
6: of, relating to, or based on complementary medicine Cancer, for example, might be treated by blending the best of the Western medicine … with complementary approaches that could include … acupuncture, nutrition, herbs and massage. — Julie Deardorff
Complementary vs. Complimentary ~ The Word Blog
Lexical Vexations. complementary adj. completing something or satisfying a lack in something.. complimentary adj. 1. flattering; expressing praise. 2. given freely and without cost. Words in the Wild: After she left her complimentary remarks about the concierge with the hotel manager, Sonja found complimentary scones outside her door each morning with complementary clotted cream and jam.
COMPLEMENTARY | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
When physical capital is complementary with human capital in production, returns on and the demand for skills rise with capital intensity.
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Is it complimentary or complementary? Both of these spellings exist and are very often used in the wrong context; this can, of course, have a negative impact on the writer/company using the wrong version and can damage hard-won image.
Complementary | Define Complementary at
According to Sig Gissler, who administered the awards, the two series of stories “were complementary.”
Complementary | definition of complementary by Medical ...
3. Biochemistry Of or relating to the specific pairing of the purines and pyrimidines between strands of a DNA or an RNA molecule.
Complementary, Alternative, or Integrative Health: What’s ...
NCCIH’s current strategic plan, 2016 Strategic Plan: Exploring the Science of Complementary and Integrative Health, presents a series of goals and objectives to guide us in determining priorities for future research on complementary health approaches.The scientific objectives in the plan are aligned with those of the broader National Institutes of Health strategic plan.
Complementary Synonyms, Complementary Antonyms |
The scientific mind and the religious spirit are complementary. The complementary story is told of the mandrake in mediæval Europe. Actually, the relations of transmission and encounter are complementary.
Complementary - definition of complementary by The Free ...
4. Genetics Of or relating to a group of genes that act in concert to produce a specific phenotype.
Complementary Angles - Maths Resources
Complementary Angles. Two angles are Complementary when they add up to 90 degrees (a Right Angle ).. These two angles (40° and 50°) are Complementary Angles, because they add up to 90°:. Notice that together they make a right angle.