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A clause is the basic building block of a sentence; by definition, it must contain a subject and a verb. Although they appear simple, clauses can function in complex ways in English grammar.
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Two major distinctions. A primary division for the discussion of clauses is the distinction between main clauses (i.e. matrix clauses, independent clauses) and subordinate clauses (i.e. embedded clauses, dependent clauses). A main clause can stand alone, i.e. it can constitute a complete sentence by itself.
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Clauses. A clause is a group of words that contains a verb (and usually other components too). A clause may form part of a sentence or it may be a complete sentence in itself. For example:
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The Clause Recognize a clause when you see one. Clauses come in four types: main [or independent], subordinate [or dependent], relative [or adjective], and noun.Every clause has at least a subject and a verb.Other characteristics will help you distinguish one type of clause from another.
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What Are Clauses? (with Examples) A clause is a group of words that includes a subject and a verb. A clause can be distinguished from a phrase, which does not contain a subject and a verb (e.g., in the afternoon, drinking from the bowl). An independent clause can express a complete thought (and can be a standalone sentence). A dependent clause is usually a supporting part of a sentence, and it ...
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Clauses: the Essential Building-Blocks of English Sentences. Dependent Clauses. Dependent Clauses cannot stand by themselves and make good sense. They must be combined with an independent clause so that they become part of a sentence that can stand by itself.
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Clauses definition, a syntactic construction containing a subject and predicate and forming part of a sentence or constituting a whole simple sentence. See more.
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clause Clauses are groups of words that contain both a subject and a predicate. There are two main types of clauses: independent clauses, which can function independently as sentences, and dependent clauses, which depend on an independent clause to form a sentence. Continue reading... clause (klôz) n. 1. Grammar A group of words containing a subject ...
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Independent and Dependent Clauses
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