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Category - Joomla! Documentation
Joomla! category named "Uncategorised" is the default category, assigned to any and all content types. The "Uncategorised" category is not descriptive and should be ...
How to Create & Manage Joomla Categories?
In Joomla 3 you also have Categories. Each time you create an article or other content type you can assign it to a category. Categories can give you more options for ...
Understanding categories and articles - Joomla! Documentation
Understanding categories and articles. Other languages: ... In Joomla!, an S:MyLanguage/Article is some written information that you want to display on your site.
Joomla Articles, Categories, & Sections | How They Work
Joomla Articles & Categories Explained. Using a CMS really shortens up the amount of time it takes to build content on your website. Joomla uses a system of Articles ...
What You Need to Know About Joomla 1.6. Part 2: Categories
What You Need to Know About Joomla 1.6. ... Joomla 1.6 Categories. Joomla 1.6 introduces a couple of new concepts. Among them are the way categories are handled.
Joomla! Extensions Directory - Sections & Categories
SJ Content Category is a module to show all sections, categories in Content Component. With 4 themes and supports a lot of common parameters so that you can easy ...
Create a Joomla Category List with Images - OSTraining
Joomla offers a menu type "Category List" that allows you to display a category and children subcategories in list format.
How to Create Joomla Categories Video Tutorial - SiteGround
Check out this video tutorial for more information on how to create and use categories in your Joomla website.
HostKnox :: Joomla Categories Tutorial
Joomla Categories Tutorial How to create categories and subcategories in Joomla. In this tutorial we'll show you how to create categories and subcategories.
Joomla! Extensions Directory
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