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An aristocracy, of which I have already treated in the first book, is rightly called so; for a state governed by the best men, upon the most virtuous principles, and not upon any hypothesis, which even good men may propose, has alone a right to be called an aristocracy, for it is there only that a man is at once a good man and a good citizen; while in other states men are good only relative to ...
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2, 3, 12. Call, invite, summon imply requesting the presence or attendance of someone at a particular place. Call is the general word: to call a meeting. To invite is to ask someone courteously to come as a guest, a participant, etc., leaving the person free to refuse: to invite guests to a concert; to invite them to contribute to a fund. Summon implies sending for someone, using authority or ...
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From this marble Phidias sculptured a statue of Vengeance, which was called Rhamnusia. "Here's a fine letter to read on a hot day," called Percival.
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Definition of called in the dictionary. Meaning of called. What does called mean? Information and translations of called in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
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Home » trivia » What is it called?. What is it called? Sometimes it’s on the tip of your tongue… “What is it called again?” It’s not always easy to remember those out-of-the-ordinary things but to refresh your memory, here’s what it is called.
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Synonyms for called for at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for called for.
Call | Definition of Call by Merriam-Webster
Verb. He called to passersby for help. She called up to her husband, who was at the top of the stairs. Her husband called back down to her. She saw her friends across the street and called over to them. He called her name in his sleep. The birds were calling as the sun rose. I call once a week to talk to my parents. Where are you calling from? May I say who's calling?
Who Called Us
After doing a lookup of this number, after nine calls on the same day, the "Almighty Snoop Engine" said it was the Medicare number. I knew that I could count on being called again, so the next time they called, I answered.