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Bolometer - Wikipedia
A bolometer is a device for measuring the power of incident electromagnetic radiation via the heating of a material with a temperature-dependent electrical resistance.It was invented in 1878 by the American astronomer Samuel Pierpont Langley.
Bolometric - definition of bolometric by The Free Dictionary
L] is the bolometric distance between an observer and the current source point, and dV is the volume element at the current past light cone point.
Bolometric correction - Wikipedia
In astronomy, the bolometric correction is the correction made to the absolute magnitude of an object in order to convert its visible magnitude to its bolometric magnitude. It is large for stars which radiate much of their energy outside of the visible range.
Bolometer | Definition of Bolometer by Merriam-Webster
Bolometer definition is - a very sensitive thermometer whose electrical resistance varies with temperature and which is used in the detection and measurement of feeble thermal radiation and is especially adapted to the study of infrared spectra. ... bolometric \ ˌbō- lə- ˈme- trik \ adjective.
Bolometric magnitude | Define Bolometric magnitude at ...
Bolometric magnitude definition, the magnitude of a star derived either from the total energy that it radiates at all wavelengths or from the total energy of those of its wavelengths that are received on earth.
Bolometric Magnitude | Definition of Bolometric Magnitude ...
Bolometric magnitude definition is - the magnitude of a star based upon its total radiation in all wavelengths. the magnitude of a star based upon its total radiation in all wavelengths… See the full definition