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Become | Definition of Become by Merriam-Webster
Although I've known him for years, we didn't become close friends until recently. She won the election, becoming the first woman to be President of the nation. The book has become quite popular. We became interested in the property last year. The crackers had become stale. It eventually became clear that he had lied. This kind of behavior hardly becomes a person of your age and position.
Become - definition of become by The Free Dictionary
1. 'become' When something or someone becomes a particular thing, they start to be that thing. If you become a doctor, a teacher, or a writer, for example, you start to be a doctor, a teacher, or a writer.
Become | Define Become at
Contemporary Examples. of become. In the last year, her fusion exercise class has attracted a cult following and become de rigueur among the celebrity set.
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Become Synonyms, Become Antonyms | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus
to eventually have as a state or quality many people became sick with the flu; with the arrival of autumn the days become crisper and breezier
become | Definition of become in English by Oxford ...
‘Airen was becoming angry and impatient with Bowen, and began to regret telling him the story.’ ‘It will happen if the populations become richer and begin to think they have a stake in prosperity.’
become - Wiktionary
become (third-person singular simple present becomes, present participle becoming, simple past became or (nonstandard) becomed, past participle become or (rare, dialectal) becomen) ( intransitive , obsolete ) To arrive , come (to a place).
BECOME | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
The discipline of agent technology is becoming a mature research area, both from a scienti®c and an engineering perspective.
Become Elite - YouTube
My name is Matt Sheldon and I am a professional soccer player whose goal is to give you a rare behind the scenes look into the life of a soccer player travel...
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