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Ascending | Definition of Ascending by Merriam-Webster
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Ascending - definition of ascending by The Free Dictionary
3. Botany Growing or directing upward from a curved or slanted base, as certain plant stems.
Ascending | Define Ascending at
verb (used without object) to move, climb, or go upward; mount; rise: The airplane ascended into the clouds. to slant upward. to rise to a higher point, rank, or degree; proceed from an inferior to a superior degree or level: to ascend to the presidency. to go toward the source or beginning; go back in time.
Ascending Synonyms, Ascending Antonyms |
I soon began to climb the rigging of the brig, ascending to the mast-heads. Take care how you go'—for they were now ascending the stairs. "She was sort of snippy about it," Alice returned, ascending the stairs.
Ascending Order and Descending Order
Arranging powers in ascending order and descending order. Numbers are said to be in ascending order when they are arranged from the smallest to the largest number.. E.g. 5, 9, 13, 17 and 21 are arranged in ascending order.
Difference Between Ascending and Descending
Ascending vs Descending Ascending and descending are two terms that are taught in elementary math classes to students. In fact, these happen to be the very first of the math concepts that are taught to students. In general, ascending is a word that refers to the act of climbing up (stairs or a peak), […]
Definition of Ascending Order - Math Is Fun
The definition of Ascending Order: Arranged from smallest to largest. Increasing. Example: 3, 9, 12, 55 are...
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Descending - definition of descending by The Free Dictionary
Thus they in lowliest plight repentant stood Praying, for from the Mercie-seat above Prevenient Grace descending had remov'd The stonie from thir hearts, and made new flesh Regenerat grow instead, that sighs now breath'd Unutterable, which the Spirit of prayer Inspir'd, and wing'd for Heav'n with speedier flight Then loudest Oratorie: yet thir port Not of mean suiters, nor important less Seem ...
Ascending - Wikipedia
Ascending is a science fiction novel by the Canadian writer James Alan Gardner, published in 2001 by HarperCollins Publishers under its various imprints. It is the fifth novel in Gardner's "League of Peoples" series.It is a direct sequel to the first novel in the series, Expendable, in that it picks up the dual story of Festina Ramos, Explorer turned admiral, and the transparent glass woman ...