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Antisymmetric | Definition of Antisymmetric by Merriam-Webster
Antisymmetric definition is - relating to or being a relation (such as 'is a subset of') that implies equality of any two quantities for which it holds in both directions. How to use antisymmetric in a sentence.
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Antisymmetric definition, noting a relation in which one element's dependence on a second implies that the second element is not dependent on the first, as the relation “greater than.” See more.
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Try this: consider a relation to be antisymmetric, UNLESS there exists a counterexample: unless there exists $(a, b) \in R$ and $(b, a) \in R$, AND $a\ne b$.
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Antisymmetric Relation. A relation on a set is antisymmetric provided that distinct elements are never both related to one another. In other words and together imply that .
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A total order is a total preorder which is antisymmetric, in other words, which is also a partial order.
Antisymmetric - definition of antisymmetric by The Free ...
Define antisymmetric. antisymmetric synonyms, antisymmetric pronunciation, antisymmetric translation, English dictionary definition of antisymmetric. adj 1. logic never holding between a pair of arguments x and y when it holds between y and x except when x = y, as "…is no younger than…" .
antisymmetric | Example sentences
A purely antisymmetric response tensor corresponds with a limiting case of an optically active medium, but is not appropriate for a plasma. From Cambridge English Corpus. One of them is the out-of-phase or antisymmetric mode where the right oscillator contracts when the left expands and vice versa.
Asymmetric - definition of asymmetric by The Free Dictionary
Define asymmetric. asymmetric synonyms, asymmetric pronunciation, asymmetric translation, English dictionary definition of asymmetric. also a·sym·met·ri·cal adj. 1. a. Having no balance or symmetry: an asymmetric design. b. Uneven in distribution. ... Compare symmetric 1, antisymmetric, nonsymmetric. 6.
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In mathematics, especially linear algebra, and in theoretical physics, the adjective antisymmetric (or skew-symmetric) is used for matrices, tensors, and other objects that change sign if an appropriate operation (e.g. matrix transposition) is performed. See: