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CSS / JQuery border - Stack Overflow
The jquery code below does exactly what I want it to do on hover. However, I need it to work in the following way: if a user hovers over #altimgX (for example) the black border appears. I want this
EPUB Content Documents 3.1 - IDPF
EPUB Content Documents 3.1 EPUB Content Documents 3.1 specifies a usage of HTML, SVG and CSS optimized for representation of structured, composable, and accessible documents.
EPUB Content Documents 3.0 -
1.2.1 Relationship to HTML5. The XHTML document type defined by this specification is based on W3C [HTML5], and inherits all definitions of semantics, structure and processing behaviors from the HTML5 specification unless otherwise specified.. In addition, this specification defines a set of extensions to the W3C HTML5 document model that Authors may include in XHTML Content Documents.