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accumulate - C++ Reference
Parameters first, last Input iterators to the initial and final positions in a sequence. The range used is [first,last), which contains all the elements between first and last, including the element pointed by first but not the element pointed by last. init Initial value for the accumulator. binary_op Binary operation taking an element of type T as first argument and an element in the range as ...
Accumulate | Definition of Accumulate by Merriam-Webster
History and Etymology for accumulate. borrowed from Latin accumulātus, past participle of accumulāre "to heap up, add to, increase," from ad-ad-+ cumulāre "to gather into a heap" — more at cumulate. Note: In part a Latinization of Middle French accumuler.
accumulate - Dictionary Definition :
The root of accumulate is cumulus which means "mound" or "heap." You might have heard of cumulus clouds, those big fluffy clouds that look like giant piles of whipped cream. Think of these heaping helpings of clouds when you think of accumulate.The money in your savings account accumulates interest, though these days you won't accumulate much wealth that way!
accumulate | Definition of accumulate in English by Oxford ...
‘Fluid in the lymph vessels can become sluggish, which can cause toxins to accumulate.’ ‘The toxin had accumulated in the anchovies and sardines upon which the animals were feeding.’
Accumulate | Define Accumulate at
to gather into a heap, mass, cover, etc.; form a steadily increasing quantity: Snow accumulated in the driveway. His debts kept on accumulating.
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Accumulate Synonyms, Accumulate Antonyms | Merriam-Webster ...
1 to become greater in extent, volume, amount, or number . the number of complaints about that mail order firm is really accumulating
Accumulate Synonyms, Accumulate Antonyms |
The painter can accumulate ugliness, but I do not remember a demon worth the name. It would be easy as well as instructive to accumulate examples.
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