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Unit | Definition of Unit by Merriam-Webster
Noun. The family is the basic unit of society. The search party broke up into smaller units. Their army unit guarded the border. Feet and meters are units of length. The dollar is the principal unit of American currency.
Unit of measurement - Wikipedia
A unit of measurement is a standardised quantity of a physical property, used as a factor to express occurring quantities of that property. Units of measurement were among the earliest tools invented by humans. Primitive societies needed rudimentary measures for many tasks: constructing dwellings of an appropriate size and shape, fashioning clothing, or bartering food or raw materials.
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Units - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
At the same time, the different unit-of-property standard applicable for purposes of the proposed tangibles regulations generally will result in that same property instead being treated as a number of smaller units of property, increasing the likelihood that a particular expenditure will be capitalized as either increasing the value of or restoring that smaller unit of property.
Units | Arma 3
Join one of 78050 units and experience Arma 3 at its finest. Arma 3 Units enables you to connect with other players, form a group, and head into combat together. ×
The 353rd Special Operations Group is the focal point for all U.S. Air Force special operations activities throughout the USPACOM theater. The group is comprised of more than 800 Airmen and five squadrons.
Units -
Units 2d Theater Signal Brigade, Wiesbaden, Germany 39th Strategic Signal Battalion, Chievres, Belgium 44th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, Baumholder, Germany 52d Strategic Signal Battalion, Stuttgart, Germany 102d Strategic Signal Battalion, Wiesbaden, Germany 509th ...
Units - Civilization 6 Wiki Guide - IGN
There are various types of units in Civilization VI, many of which are for military purposes but some which have their own niche utility.For example, you have melee, ranged, naval, and air units ...
Units - Ubisoft Club
Club Units expiration system Club Units you acquire as a Ubisoft player, either through your gaming experience or through purchases on the Ubisoft Store, expire 2 years from the date of acquisition.
A-Z | The United States Army
The U.S. Army A-Z index for installations, commands, organizations and more