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Tying | Definition of Tying by Merriam-Webster
: of, relating to, or being an arrangement or agreement in which a seller will sell a product to a buyer only if the buyer will also buy another product also: of or being the product that will not be sold without the other
Fly Tying Archive
The goal of this site is to offer fly tyers in all stages of their tying career a source of inspiration and knowledge. With deep roots in traditional tying providing a solid platform for innovation with modern and natural materials.
Tying Vines Humanitarian Projects
Our Story. Walk With Me was founded at the height of the refugee crisis to feed, heal, teach, and sustain refugees fleeing war-torn regions.In 2015, we strategically partnered with Tying Vines, Inc. to establish 501(c)3 status for our projects. Like the name, Walk With Me, the focus is to work alongside trusted regional partners to help facilitate programs that directly benefit refugees.
Fly Tying Forums - Fly Tying
Welcome to is the largest fly tying community in the world and we hope you take a moment to register for a free account and join this amazingly friendly and helpful group of anglers.
Niagara Tying Service
Starting with a cap placed on one end of a cellulose or fibrous casing almost 50 years ago, Niagara Tying Service has grown to over 40 machines covering every first closure, including our state-of-the-art shirring machines.
Classic Fly Tying Sponsors: Hand Made Salmon Hooks Ronn Lucas, Sr. (503)654-0466
Trusted Knots by NetKnots | How to tie the right knots ...
Teaching the world to tie knots since 1993! For over 25 years NetKnots has provided helpful information about fishing knots and rope knots with easy to follow step by step knot tying illustrations and animations for tying over 180 of the most popular and most useful knots.
Fly Tying Videos - Fly Fish Ohio - Adventures In Fly Tying ...
February 2011. Polly Rosborough's Casual Dress Nymph. E. H. 'Polly' Rosborough was part of that generation of fly tiers and anglers that brought rise to the "golden age" of American fly fishing.
How to Tie Scarf; How to Wear Scarf; Scarf Tying Guide ...
Eternally fashionable, scarves make the most versatile accessory for women. The available variety of fabrics, shapes and sizes make the scarf ideal for all seasons and occasions.
Fly Tying Knots | Killroys Fly Tying
Basic Advice on Tying Knots. It is important not only to select the right knot for a particular job but to tie it properly. Poorly Tied knots will mean lost fish and aggravation.