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The northern shoveler (/ ˈ ʃ ʌ v əl ər /; Spatula clypeata), known simply in Britain as the shoveler, is a common and widespread duck.It breeds in northern areas of Europe and Asia and across most of North America, wintering in southern Europe, Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and Central, and northern South America.It is a rare vagrant to Australia.
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shov·el·er also shov·el·ler (shŭv′ə-lər, shŭv′lər) n. 1. One that shovels: a shoveler of snow; a fast shoveler. 2. Any of several dabbling ducks of the genus Anas having long broad bills used to strain food from mud and water, especially the widely distributed species A. clypeata. shoveler (ˈʃʌvələ) n (Animals) a duck, Anas (or Spatula ...
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The aptly named Northern Shoveler has a shovel-shaped bill that quickly sets it apart from other dabbling ducks. It is a medium-sized duck that tends to sit with its rear a bit higher out of the water almost like its bill is pulling its front half down.
Northern Shoveler | Audubon Field Guide
Many of the dabbling ducks use their flat bills to strain food items from the water, but the big spatulate bill of the Northern Shoveler is adapted to take this habit to the extreme. Flocks of shovelers often swim along with their big bills barely submerged in front of them, straining food from the ...
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Recent Examples on the Web. The cranes, which share the area with cinnamon teals, northern shovelers and other birds, came in, wave after impressive wave, until thousands were milling around on the banks. — New York Times, "Tucson Is a City That Encourages You to Explore," 28 Mar. 2018 New arrivals included one rusty blackbird, two snowy egrets, and 18 northern shovelers.
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noun. a person or thing that shovels. Ornithology.. a freshwater duck of the Northern Hemisphere, Anas clypeata, having a broad, flat bill. any of several related, similar ducks.
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About the Northern Shoveler Breeding. Northern shovelers breed in the parklands, short- and mixed-grass prairies of Canada, and the grasslands of the north-central United States.
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Basic Description. Perhaps the most outwardly distinctive of the dabbling ducks thanks to its large spoon-shaped bill, the Northern Shoveler busily forages head down in shallow wetlands.
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General Description. The very large, spatulate bill is the most distinguishing feature of the aptly named Northern Shoveler. The male in breeding plumage has bright wings, a bright iridescent-green head with a yellow eye, bold white breast, and chestnut sides.