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SFTP - Wikipedia
SFTP may refer to: . Computing. SSH File Transfer Protocol, a network protocol used for secure file transfer over secure shell . Secure file transfer program, a true SSH File Transfer Protocol client from the OpenSSH project; Simple File Transfer Protocol, an unsecured and rarely used file transfer protocol from the early days of the Internet; Screened fully shielded twisted pair, a kind of ...
the main OpenSSH page. Project Goals Release Notes History Features Security Specifications Who uses it - Cloud SFTP server by Syncplify
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WinSCP :: Official Site :: Free SFTP and FTP client for ...
Free Award-Winning File Manager WinSCP is a popular SFTP client and FTP client for Microsoft Windows! Copy file between a local computer and remote servers using FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP, WebDAV or S3 file transfer protocols.. Download Now
File Transfer Protocol - Wikipedia
The SSH file transfer protocol (chronologically the second of the two protocols abbreviated SFTP) transfers files and has a similar command set for users, but uses the Secure Shell protocol (SSH) to transfer files. Unlike FTP, it encrypts both commands and data, preventing passwords and sensitive information from being transmitted openly over the network.
Lexmark Secure FTP Site Welcome to Lexmark Inc. FTP site. This FTP site is for business use only. Lexmark reserve the right to read, search any files stored on this site.
AnyConnect - free FTP,FTPS,SFTP,SSH,Telnet client for Windows
AnyConnect - free FTP,FTPS,SFTP,SSH,Telnet client for Windows
SFTP - Wikipedia
SFTP kan verwijzen naar: . In relatie tot overdracht van data verwijst het meestal naar: . SSH File Transfer Protocol, een FTP-gebaseerd netwerkprotocol voor bestandsoverdrachten die verlopen via SSH; FTP over SSH of Secure File Transfer Protocol, een manier om een FTP-sessie over een SSH-verbinding te gebruiken.Wordt vaak SFTP genoemd waardoor verwarring ontstaat met het SSH File Transfer ...
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